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  • Cap Lamp AIX2
  • Cap Lamp AIX2
  • Cap Lamp AIX2
  • Cap Lamp AIX2
  • Cap Lamp AIX2
  • Cap Lamp AIX2

Cap Lamp AIX2

Description: Upgraded on the traditional cap lamps, win3 multiple purpose cap lamp AIX2 is more intelligent with OLED display, concentrating lens and USB charging. The TAG Ready Systemare is compatible with the devices of all major global manufacturers of collision avoidance and tagging systems. Temperature/humidity/battery capacity display integrated to assure more safer working environment.
suitable for a wide variety of applications that require a lot of flexibility and mobility, like mining, tunnel projects oil field construction site, camping, hiking, night fishing, night flying, sailing, caving and hunting etc
Certificate/Conformity to standards IECEX/CE/ROSH /IP68
Rated capacity: 2200(2600)mAh
Discharge Time: primary light>11h
Secondary Light>18h
Charge: voltage 5.0
charge time3-5h
LUX: >8500 LUX
Constant current discharge, brightness not change during operation
Lifespan: cycle life up than 800-1000  times
LED 1,0000h
Environmental temperature/humidity: Operating temperature -20~+40°C,
Storage/transport temperature 20~+60°C
Storage/transport humidity 10~60%
Ingress Protection: IP 68
Size: Torch: 83*68*37mm  Charger:100*95*45mm
Material/processing: PC+TPE, double injection
Concentrating: Concentrating with lens
ON/OFF: Touchable switch
Charging: Regular charging/ USB charging
Hanging clip: Adjustable clip
Function: Lighting integrated with temperature/humidity monitoring/battery capacity display.
Display OLED display on the back
Size: 83*68*37 mm
Weight: 240g